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Chris, Faction Carp Tackle

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Just a Thought...

Winter can be a tough time for carp fishing particularly if you have not been baiting-up in preparation for the colder months. At this time I generally tend to fish short sessions on smaller waters where I can easily move around to locate the fish. If you're going to make the effort and brave the weather then choice of venue is vital if you want a bend in the rod.

On my last trip the going was very slow and by mid-afternoon I had the entire lake to myself. With an hour left before sunset I noticed a fish top in front of some reeds on the far bank about fifty yards to my left. I cast a rod close to where the fish showed itself and decided then to leave it there until the close of play.

Darkness was falling on the day-only venue and I was packing away when the left rod bleeped in to life. I was playing a carp! That small, fin-perfect Common made my day and I'm certain that if I hadn't seen the fish show or fished until closing I would have blanked.

Chris, Faction Carp Tackle