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Chris, Faction Carp Tackle

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Imitation Maggots as Hair Stops

Run out of boilie stops? Need an edge?

Try tipping your favoured hook bait with one or more imitation maggots used as a hair stop. They are available in both buoyant and sinking versions in various colours from the standard red, white and bronze to bright fluoros. Use them on the bottom, use them on zigs and pop-ups, boost them with your favourite flavours/attractors.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015


Try the following tips to prevent baits from separating/sliding apart on the hair:

Baits have separated on hair giving unsatisfactory presentation.

TIP #1 - Tie a larger hair loop so that the knot sits inside the lower bait.

Tie a larger hair loop (bottom).

Sorted! Lower bait is now held in place by knot from larger hair loop.

TIP #2 - Simply tie 1 or more overhand knots in the hair to hold your baits in place. (Note that tying knots in the hair will shorten it – also useful if you want to use a smaller or chopped-down bait and the hair is too long).

Tie a knot in the hair.

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